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Monday, May 15, 2006

An Open Letter To All Guyanese Politicians:

An Open Letter To All Guyanese Politicians:

While we are aware of the obvious demands of your time associated with your position, it is out of a sense of frustration and desperation that we address this letter to all political leaders/activists in Guyana in the hope that you may work together towards some form of national reconciliation. We will not make any claims or assertions of being experts on Guyanese politics, however it remains obvious to the Diaspora that we have not received the proper leadership from our elected representatives who frequently appear more interested in attributing blame for past injustices and acts of indiscretion than they are in solving the rampant crime and abject poverty within our country. It is not often that history provides people with an opportunity to do what is fair and just, however we put it to each of you that now is such a time and urge you to use this rare occasion to ensure your legacy not as a divider of a country that has been in turmoil for several generations, but as healer of a fractured state that so desperately looks to you now to provide us with guidance which will deliver Guyana from these abysmal times.

We understand and are fully aware of the complexities that a programme of national reconciliation will require however, there is no doubt that such a project is possible provides you have the courage and determination to do what is right for the entire country. We know that there are several ideological differences that may appear too problematic to overcome. As such, there are many of us who offer whatever resources you require freely and without hesitation in support of this effort because we want to contribute to the betterment rather than to the detriment of our country. Surely if we, the Diaspora can reconcile whatever differences we may have, you, our elected representives can follow our modest yet honest efforts and at least, initiate dialogue between one another in an effort to unite our fractured country.

It is under the spirit of cooperation and national reconciliation that we strongly encourage each and every one of you to put aside whatever political ambitions and personal desires you may have for the sake of our country. At this period in time, we are not interested in blaming each other for past acts of injustice and indiscretion. We are more concerned with the abject poverty and rampant crime that plagues our communities leaving us feeling unsafe even in our own homes. This is not the Guyana that our forefathers had fought and struggled so hard for. This has become a wasteland filled with garbage, intolerance, crime and corruption which has made us become a third world country after we had once been the intellectual and cultural center of the entire Caribbean. It is now that we are forced to ask our elected representatives how much more damage can be done to us and our country as we become buried by your ideological differences and politics ?

In closing, let us thank you for taking the time to learn more about our concerns and we sincerely hope to receive replies from some, if not all of you. We are not naive enough to expect miracles, nor do we believe that such an arduous undertaking will be accomplished immediately. We simply urge you to reconsider whatever philosophical issues and cultural difference that keep you apart in order to achieve national reconciliation. If we, the Diaspora can come together and find the courage within our hearts to promote unity and peace for the sake of our country and our children, can you not also be gracious enough to do the same ?


Concerned Citizens Of Guyana



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